Harmon elected Opposition Leader – -still clinging to claim that current Gov’t fraudulent

While still claiming that the ruling PPP/C government is fraudulent, Joseph Harmon minutes after he was elected Opposition Leader said that he hopes to provide the quality of leadership that is needed at this time for the people of Guyana.

Harmon was yesterday nominated by new parliamentarian Ganesh Mahipaul and this was seconded by Christopher Jones, at a meeting with Speaker Manzoor Nadir minutes after the conclusion of the first sitting of the 12th Parliament, which was boycotted by the APNU+AFC over the election of Lenox Shuman as deputy speaker.

Shuman, the leader of the Liberty and Justice Party, was present at the meeting and supported Harmon by a show of his  hand when the opposition members were asked to indicate their support for his nomination. While the APNU+AFC has 31 seats, Shuman has one seat by virtue of the fact that he joined his list with two other parties, with whom he is expected to share the five-year sitting.

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