Stephen Thomas appointed as MARAD Director General

Former Harbour Master Stephen Thomas has been appointed as the new Director General of the Maritime Administration Department, according to a release today from the Ministry of Public Works.

He replaces Claudette Rogers.

A press release from the Ministry of Public Works follows:

On Wednesday, September 2nd, 2020, at a meeting with the senior management, which was followed by meetings with the staff at the head office and the boat house, the Honourable Bishop Juan A. Edghill, Minister of Public Works announced the appointment of Mr. Stephen Thomas as the new Director General of the Maritime Administration Department (MARAD) and the repositioning of Ms. Claudette Rogers as Adviser on Maritime affairs.

The immediate task of the administration in that within the next 10 days to conduct a review of all its systems, functions and to assess the capacity and skill sets of its employees. The announcement of the new appointments as well as the policy directions that were given were warmly received by both the management and rank and file workers.

Various members of staff expressed gratitude for the role Ms. Claudette Rogers played and wished her well in her new role as Advisor while remaining a member of the Senior Management Division at the Administration.

Similarly, words of welcome were offered to the incoming Director General at every engagement held.

Hon. Bishop Juan A. Edghill held separate meetings with senior management at his office, staff at MARAD’s headquarters and the boat house officers at Stabroek.

Mr. Stephen Thomas, who is well positioned to facilitate this new policy direction comes to the portfolio with key experiences and educational background such as:

Mr. Thomas served over three decades in the ports and maritime sector, with the majority of it being as a senior officer with the Transport & Harbours Department (T&HD) and the Maritime Administration Department;
Mr. Thomas Served as Cadet, Mate and Captain on T&HD and other companies’ vessels;
He possesses intimate knowledge of the various maritime and riparian communities, their culture and economic activities;
He’s familiar with the port and maritime issues throughout Guyana and the major stakeholders;
As Harbour Master, Mr. Thomas was responsible for the management of all the harbours in accordance with the Transport & Harbours Act.;
 He assisted T&HD in such areas as surveying their vessels, investigations, training of shipboard crews, and generally advise management on an ad hoc basis;
May 2016 – “Developed the Preliminary Design Proposal for a Ferry Vessel” for the Government of Guyana;
2010 – Developed and prepare the National Maritime Search and Rescue Plan for Guyana;
1995 – Chairman of Committee that was responsible for examining and approving the dredging of the Berbice Ships’ Channel and the development of the Berbice Deep-Water Shipping Facility.

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